“It warms my aging heart to know there is at least one band, Alone On The Moon, who exist to simply and completely ROCK. I said it before that I’d given up on the good juice in the 2000’s after 30 years of steady decline, especially with heavy music and its companionship with wretched “vocals” and juvenile, bangbang songwriting, with guitar solos that have nothing to do tonally or conceptually with the rest of the drudge: let’s just shred. Now, with this genre where the bands shut up, THINK and PLAY, I can roll down my windows with pride. Stellar heavy rock exists! It’s not gone extinct after all! Now, be warned, this record is more metal than rock. Except for a total of about two minutes and some seconds of electronics interspersed, this is two guitars, bass and drums and that’s it. If in this day and age that’s minimalist, it will kick your bony ass regardless. And these four boys from Houston have given me hope that, at 58, I can listen and love and smile at real rock again. Favorite Song: “Bright Bite Wound”. Favorite (all-time) Song Title: “Naked Lady Park”. Exceptional stuff, fellas.”



“As a band with an eye on the journey and not necessarily the destination, Spectra is a highlight in Alone on the Moon’s captain’s log.”


“As a guy who isn’t typically into instrumental metal, I was surprised at how this record held my attention.”


“The style of the group is intelligent, vivacious and quite remarkable, for sure, and its strongest virtues are cohesively dense, expansive and abrasive guitar lines, that drags to the epicenter of its sentimental horizon the lugubrious hemisphere of a purely dimensional strategic space, that comprehends on the placid melodic reverberations of its titanic sonorous possibilities the ostensibly sensible, but lucid graciosity of an indefinite diagram of musically entangled vertical parameters, easily configured by the band.”